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Beijing Jeep; A Case Study of Western Business in China  
By:  Jim Mann  
April 1997 

Hong Kong Business: The Portable Encyclopedia for Doing Business with Hong Kong  
By:   Christine A. Genzberger,Edward G. Hinkelman  
November 1994  

China in the New Millennium; Market Reforms and Social Development  
By:  James A. Dorn (Editor)  
November 1998 

China: The Consumer Revolution 
By:  Conghua Li 
March 1998 
For centuries China's doors have remained firmly closed while governments fought for access to its golden market--but now the barriers have been removed and China is open for business.  "Conghua Li's book gives outsiders a fascinating insight into what is happening in China's 
Consumer market today . . . a must read for those who have their stakes vested in the most dynamic and difficult, and yet the last remaining, consumer utopia of the world." --Kenichi Ohmae, author of The Borderless World.  As China searches for a new identity, its people find themselves  bombarded with countless consumer products and services from around the world. But what do they want to buy? What is their spending power? What are their aspirations? How do they spend? 
This fascinating book provides the first comprehensive analysis of China's complex consumer market. China: The Consumer Revolution discusses cultural issues and socio-economic forces,  fads and fashions, and do's and taboos--all supported by a wealth of facts and figures.  Conghua Li 
(Toronto, Canada) is a senior consultant with Deloitte Touche Consulting Group. A frequent speaker at business conferences in North America, he has also been quoted in the media throughout the world. 

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