This year (2009) is the 30th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between the USA and China in 1979. In 2012 we will mark 40 years of recognition based upon the Shanghai Communiqué of 1972 between President Nixon and Chairman Mao. Apart from Ronald Reagan’s Taiwan Relations Act of 1982 and two related communiqués there are no other agreements between our nations, arguably the two most important nations on earth today.

     The era of ‘competitive coexistence’ is over. We are inextricably intertwined with China in many areas of mutual advantage and concern. Our finances, trade, and energy needs, our impact on the planet’s environment, and our economic and security aims require us to coordinate and cooperate with China.

     Our ad-hoc partnership with China needs a binding Treaty approved by Congress and the American people. And time is of the essence so we need to move now while the USA still has an advantage on China.

     To ignore the big pink elephant in America’s living room that is China and accept the status quo is detrimental to our future generations and the integrity of the United States.

Americans for a New China Policy

Mission Statement

Americans for a New China Policy is an independent organization not affiliated with any political party dedicated to the basic truth that USA-China relations are in dire need of clear definition and that cooperation not competition between our two nations is essential for the future security and prosperity of the entire planet.

Americans for a New China Policy works toward its vision by:

  • Informing Americans about China and China policy;
  • Identifying local impacts of China policy and trade; and
  • Building political will to address China policy by mobilizing grassroots Americans to engage their fellow citizens and encourage their elected officials and political candidates to act in the national interest on China not in support of past tradition or special interests.
  • Mission Goals

  • Make our relations with China and China policy an issue in the 2012 Presidential elections;
  • Congressional hearings on the current state of USA-China relations including a complete security review;
  • Coordinate national energy policies to reduce both our nations’ reliance on coal for electricity production;
  • Allow China’s participation in the International Space Station;
  • Renegotiate or amend the China Trade Relations Act or fold the law into a new binding Treaty;
  • Introduce legislation for a binding Treaty between our nations (the China Relations Act).

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