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Beijing Scene

Sidewalk CD Stand In Guangzhou

Sidewalk CD Stand Despite industry
and government led
crackdowns, China is
plagued by a high
rate of CD piracy.
Many of the CDs at
stands like the one
shown here, are
illegal copies.
More new Chinese music
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Huge is Hu Ge, an experimental truly digital musician. Many influences.

Check him out:  Huge

A diverse sound ranging from new age, trance, punk reminiscent of Joy Division.  Classified as dark ambient and post rock.

Tune in: Guangyu

DJ Rusch.
Christian Rusch, Western DJ in the great capital city, spins vibes that are as hot as any in NYC, LA, or Europe.

Throw up your arms and dance with: Rusch (Beijing DJ)

Techno from Beijing.

Listen in: Mao

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