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Although the music scene in China is still
dominated by Beijing in many ways, there is
a lot of activity throughout the country.
New artists emerge from cities and regions
all over China. Take for example the
southwestern city Kunming. According to a
China Now story, underground
rock bands are alive and well there.


Disco in Chengdu, SichuanFrenzied
In Chengdu

Check out the
Chengdu Scene

More new Chinese music
Artist links will take you to where you can listen to, download, and buy the artist's music. To return, just click your browser's BACK button.

Gao Feng.
Multi-faceted Gao Feng has been compared to Sting.  His latest work, recorded in London, is a Beatles-type mix of different styles and sounds.

Check out this prolific composer/performer:  Gao Feng!

Ya Tung
His solo CD was proclaimed best album of 1998 in Hong Kong.  Produced by veteran Benjie Lefevre, the very electronic grooves are new age/trance/??.

Try "KD"--excellent! Ya Tung

Rusted Kite.
Rusted Kite are four guys with an American-style garage rock band with Seattle sound.
Kick-ass noise!

Party with the guys: Rusted Kite

Supermarket (Chaoji Shichang) are: Tian Peng, DV Vocal, and DJ Drum. Sleek electronica with Euro influences (the Cure, Cocteau Twins).

Try "Long Long Time Ago": Supermarket

Kevin Jungle.
Yes, he's Chinese. Lots of dance beats and house music influences.

Check him out: Kevin Jungle

Flox's electronica is completely computerized music.  It is appropriately futuristic with trance and jungle elements.

Try "Win2" for hi NRG! Flox

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