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Yang Wei excells in SydneyChina Wins Gold
In Men's Gymnastics
At the 2000 Olympics

China in the Olympics

Will China Host the
2008 Summer Games?

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA—Amid the raucous cheers of flag-waving Chinese spectators, an exuberant Chinese men's team won the Gold medal for gymnastics Monday September 18, 2000.

China in the Olympics

1932 - First Appearance by China at the Summer Games in Los Angeles, California

China again competed in the 1936 (Berlin), 1948 (London), and 1952 (Helsinki) Summer games. In the Helsinki games, the then British crown colony Hong Kong also sent a delegation. Hong Kong won it's only Olympic medal--a Gold medal by Lee Lai-Shan in Women's mistral (sailing)--at the Atlanta games in 1996.

During the Cold War, China was represented in the Olympics by the Nationalist government under dictator Chiang Kai-shek better known as the Republic of China or Taiwan. Taiwan sent athletes to the 1960 (Rome) and the 1968 (Mexico City) Summer Olympics. The Nationalist government withdrew from the 1976 (Montreal) games after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decision that the team could not compete under the name China and, following the U.S. lead, boycotted the 1980 (Moscow) games.

Meanwhile, mainland China returned to the Olympics in the 1980 Winter games. A year later, in 1981, the IOC and the Nationalist government on Taiwan agreed that any future representation from Taiwan would be under the name "Chinese Taipei" with a neutral flag and anthem. To this day, Chinese Tapei continues to compete well in the Olympics.

Since the 1984 (Los Angeles) Summer Olympics, China has sent ever larger delegations of athletes and won a growing share of Olympic medals.

China now ranks 19th on the all-time medal chart with 164 medals (52 gold, 63 silver and 49 bronze), all accumulated in only the last four Games!

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       It was China's sixth Gold medal so far in the XXVII Olympiad, and perhaps the most significant. For although the Chinese team is the reigning world champion, the absence of Olympic Gold for gymnastics has denied China the worldwide attention given traditional powerhouses from Europe. Now the Chinese team is truly the world's best. Meanwhile, the Chinese women's gymnastics team won the Silver medal behind top ranked Romania.

      In the individual gymnastic competition, China's Yang Wei won the Silver medal, finishing a mere 0.113 points behind Alexei Nemov of Russia.

      At the conclusion of Day 5 of the Sydney games, China is in third place overall with 17 medals --six Gold, four Silver, and seven Bronze. Apart from gymnastics, China's Gold so far comes in Shooting (2 Gold medals) and Weightlifting (3 Gold medals). Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) won a Silver medal in Weightlifting.

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       And read the Complete press coverage of the Sydney games from the International Olympic Committee.

official Beijing 2008 logo Will China host the Olympics? Beijing narrowly lost its bid to host the current 2000 Summer Olympics to Sydney, Australia, in 1993. Since then, China has worked rigorously to host a Summer Olympics.
Today, China is one of five competitors for the 2008 Summer Olympics. Many believe China has an excellent chance to win the honor.

Find out more at the official Beijing 2008 bid web site.

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