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"It was as if a huge piece of chocolate had been melted down."

Eighteen (18) Chinese companies had offices in the World Trade Center in New York City. To date, eleven companies have reported that their employees and families are safe. An unknown number remain missing in the rubble.

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The Chinese government has consistently condemned and opposed all manner of terrorist violence


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       According to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, two Chinese nationals are confirmed dead: Zheng Yuguang (male, age 65) and Yang Shuyin (female, age 61), husband and wife, who were visiting their daughter, a student in the USA. Both were passengers on American Airlines flight 77 that was crashed into the Pentagon shortly after being hijacked from Dulles International Airport.

      In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, the number of phone calls between Shanghai alone and the USA was 14 times greater than normal, as family members, friends, and business associates contacted one another.

      Throughout the country, Chinese have been shocked and saddened by the horrific events in New York City, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania. In Shanghai and Chongqing (Chungking), two of China's mega-cities, local cable television preempted regular programming and bypassed the intermittent state-run news services to broadcast CNN live coverage of the terrorist attacks and their aftermath. In some Internet chat rooms and message boards from China there is, predictably, gloating and inflammatory remarks about the attacks. Such attitudes were condemned by China's government and respected intellectuals who signed an international letter of condolence. At the USA Embassy and office of the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, ordinary Chinese bring flowers, wreathes, and messages of support. Below are reactions from around China:

       "It was as if a huge piece of chocolate had been melted down"--Sun Lingling, 46, one of 56 employees of the China Daily's North American headquarters located on the 33rd floor of the World Trade Center North Tower. Ms. Lingling stumbled down 33 flights of stairs clogged with smoke and people. When she reached the bottom, missing a shoe, she noticed eight elevators had crashed and said chunks of granite fell off the lobby walls around her. Once outside she watched as the tower where she had worked for eight years collapsed.

       "I feel so angry, and so sad that so many died. It's unthinkable."--Gu Chongqing, a 21-year-old university student who brought a bouquet of forget-me-nots and chrysanthemums to the US Embassy in Beijing.

       "I feel that my heart is breaking when I see it on the television. To think of all those parents without children, and children without parents."--Gong Liming, a 47-year-old cleaner in Shanghai.

       "If we don't stand up to fight against such terrorism, maybe one day we'll also get such stuff. We could come together with the States and other Western countries to fight against such mass terrorism. It's a little bit early to say, but I think, personally, the events really increase the Chinese understanding and the Chinese sympathy for the United States." --Zhu Feng, associate professor and director of the international security program at Peking University

       "The attacks have not only brought about a disaster to the U.S. people, but also a challenge to the world people who cherish a sincere desire for peace. The Chinese people, like the Americans, strongly condemn the shocking terrorist activities."--President Jiang Zemin, in a phone conversation with President George W. Bush on September 12, 2001

       "The Chinese government has consistently condemned and opposed all manner of terrorist violence."--Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhu Bangzao at midnight (Beijing time) September 11.

       For more information on the terrorist attacks and the aftermath, Sinomania! recommends the news web sites in the box at left.
Information from Agence France Press, Xinhua, AP news services
and Sinomania! research were used in this report.

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