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China Enters The WTO As America Enters A Deep Recession

September 21, 2001 —Blue chip industrial Boeing, the world's most famous maker of jet airplanes, announced a huge layoff of employees (30,000+) this week. All businesses associated with aviation, from airlines to manufacturers, are claiming enormous losses from the unprecedented shutdown of the entire USA airport network during the terrorist attacks on America.

"Boeing has been in China for almost 30 years, and 64 percent of the commercial airplanes in the China fleet are Boeing products."
--Fred Howard, president of Boeing China

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      SHORT TERM LOSSES for the industry are probably staggering but it is important to remember that airlines and their manufacturers were all losing money long before the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Boeing began layoffs at the end of July. Those layoffs are part of the longest drop in USA industrial production since 1960.
      For eleven consecutive months industrial production has declined, at times dramatically. According to the Federal Reserve, the capacity utilization index fell to levels last seen in 1982, during the most severe post-World War II recession of 1981-82. Indeed Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan met behind closed doors Wednesday with leaders of the USA Congress to discuss a fiscal package to spur the sputtering economy. His advice to Republicans who want to spend up to $180 billion to avert a recession is to delay actions until the health of the economy can be better gauged.

      News from war-torn Wall Street, however, may force government leaders and the media to use the "R" word. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell almost 15 percent for the week, the biggest drop since a 15.5 percent weekly loss in 1933! Damage to the NASDAQ was even more extreme. The Nasdaq Composite Index sank 16 percent for the week, a record. It is now no secret that the USA economy is in a deep trench.

      After 15 years of unsuccessful attempts, China has suddenly concluded its talks and protocols with the World Trade Organization
China-USA Trade Deal: Full Details

       and will be admitted as a member at its fourth ministerial conference to be held November in Qatar. This event sets into motion trade agreements concluded with the USA and the EU (as well as every other member country of the WTO) that will allow historic access to the giant Chinese market economy, the world's fastest growing large economy.
      The tremendous growth expected in China will create a new dynamic in the creation of a real global economy. At the conclusion of the Forbes Global CEO Conference in Singapore on September 19, 2001, Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong commented that "..China is becoming the 'factory of the world' in the 21st century" noting that "China’s entry into the WTO will hasten its integration into the world economy, increasing the pressure both on other countries and also on China’s own long-protected and inefficient state-owned enterprises." [Read the complete Speech]

      How is this good news for America? China's growth is based on the strength of its domestic economy, meaning that an immense middle class of several hundred million persons are building and buying houses, buying a first car, computer, all manner of imported foreign branded goods, and taking holidays over the vast expanse of a country larger than the continental USA plus Alaska and Hawaii. Commercial air travel is booming in China with passenger growth rate expanding rapidly. China's airlines will add 1,459 new airplanes to serve domestic markets by 2020.
      Boeing has been selling jet airplanes to China for almost 30 years and predicts that it will capture a growing share of the $144 billion (USA dollars) that Chinese airlines may spend on aircraft. At the conclusion of the China 2001 Aviation Exposition in Beijing this week it was announced that Chinese airlines will buy 30 Boeing 737 jet planes.
      GOOD NEWS for an industry and nation in need of a lift.

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