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Volume II, Episode 51
March 12, 2008
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TRANSCRIPT: Special report on the work of the new National People's Congress with a look at new government shake up, China's 2008 government budget, some interesting deputies and their proposals, investment news, a look at the gloomy Chinese stock markets...
Sinomania! Volume II Webisode 51, March 12, 2008

Beijing Plays Musical Chairs:
My Report on the National People’s Congress.
And Chinese Markets Tank!

NPC 2008

The first session of the 11th National People’s Congress – the Chinese parliament – is underway at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing and in conferences, sessions, and pressers all over the city.

Gone are the celebrity sightings and photo ops of the 10th Congress – movie stars Gong Li and Zhao Benshan for example were not reelected. What’s in – grass roots issues, environmentalism, restructure and reform.

The NPC opened with Premier or Prime Minister Wen Jiabao emphasizing the challenges ahead for China in dealing with inflation.

China's monthly consumer price inflation hit an 11-year high of 8.7 per cent last month with consumer prices rising by 9.2 per cent in the countryside and 8.5 per cent in the city. The biggest impact and worry was a 23 percent spike in food prices.

The NPC says it will now pursue a “tight monetary policy” an important signal with differing impacts on various sectors of the Chinese economy that I will discuss in next week’s show.

The 2008 draft budget was presented. China’s central government budget is just under five and half trillion Yuan or close to three-quarters of a trillion US dollars based on market exchange rates. In actuality that figure is much higher. And the government continues to run a deficit, although quite small by global standards, estimated for 2008 at around 180 billion Yuan.

As exports are slowing Beijing will channel excess cash into more state investment which already accounts for over 45% of China’s Gross Domestic Product. State directed investment targets are health care and social security programs based on United States models and housing and safe drinking water for China ’s impoverished classes.


Here’s how China ’s 2008 budget pie slices up:

The biggest piece goes to national defense at 410 billion Yuan, a priority Beijing shares with Washington as both governments richly reward their military-industrial complexes, although Chinese expenditures are less than one tenth those of the USA.

Next, as in the United States, is welfare at over 276 billion Yuan, and the Chinese also prefer to use the euphemisms social security and employment programs.

Education is third at just over 156 billion Yuan, followed by environmental programs for agriculture, forestry and water conservation at 145 billion, science and technology at around 114 billion, and lastly medical and health care – always under funded by Beijing – at just over 83 billion Yuan.


By week’s end, the NPC will vote on the candidates already selected last October by the Communist Party for top government positions. Hu Jintao will no doubt be elected for a second and final 5-year term as President. Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the Chinese central bank, is expected to keep his job for another term.

The biggest news so far is a major restructuring of the State Council, the day-to-day government of Beijing and the Chinese President’s cabinet.

New “super ministries” will be set up to prevent bureaucratic turf wars and bring central control down to at least the provincial level.

The increasingly powerful National Development and Reform Commission or NDRC will gain a new ministerial authority for energy security macro level economic control.

All told 15 central government departments are involved the most important reshuffle in Beijing for close to a generation. The Sinomania! blog will have full details on the reshuffle.


The National People’s Congress is one of the largest parliamentary bodies in the world with almost 3,000 members or deputies. Each deputy must present proposed legislation based on petitions from the people they represent, an ancient tradition that predates the Chinese republic. In this great airing of gripes and views are clues to the aspirations and desires of the Chinese people.

Some deputies and proposals of note this year are:

ZhangYin, China’s richest woman is proposing tax cuts for the rich and an easing of regulations against her polluting paper mills.

Wu Xiaoling, former Vice Governor of China’s central bank, a deputy on the finance and economic affairs committee is arguing against immediate convertability China’s currency.

Tian Chengping, current Labor and Social Security minister warned of a “very severe” employment picture in China this year with about 20 million new workers looking for jobs.

Chen Fei, a grass roots environmental activist representing a district in coastal Zhejiang Province, passed out squares of cloth to fellow deputies in Beijing to use as handkerchiefs. Chen is leading a campaign to eliminate paper waste and paper bags from China’s rivers and countryside.

New NPC deputy Mao Xinyu is a 38-year-old grandson of Chairman Mao. His agenda is not known but he is something of a hit with the press.

Sidney Shapiro is on his sixth term as a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee, the advisory board to the NPC. Mr. Shapiro is 93 years old, was born in the USA and became a Chinese citizen in 1963 after moving to China in 1947.

Liang Xiaohong, a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and the Vice President of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, announced a five-year plan to corporatize China’s military-industrial complex. Plans are to be revealed sometime this year and the reform will begin with the rocket sector and run through the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation conglomerate. There is talk of raising up to 69 billion Yuan or over $8 billion US dollars by 2010. The new rocket company will have a production base in Tianjin and contain all related assets from rocket research, production, and testing.

So here’s a potential opportunity to invest directly in Chinese space technology.


Briefly – Chinese markets are down down down! News is the same or worse for all indicators. The Shanghai Composite Index closed March 11 at 4,165.88 after falling on Monday to its lowest level since July 2007. The index is now down 16% since the start of the year not technically a bear market but a way out of the woods is needed soon.

I’ll see you next week on Sinomania! for more on how the NPC will affect business and markets and the Alpha Bet!


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